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Guardian of His Love


Guardian of His Love -- by Claire Adele,
Out October 19, 2011 at
Siren BookStrand

Warning must be 18 years of age.

Derek Wolfson's afraid of being hurt like his college girlfriend wounded him. After rescuing Kelly Wolford, alias Smith, from the deadly Hawks gang, he can't forget her. Kelly's running from an arranged marriage. She's an independent woman and doesn't want to marry the guy her family expects her to marry. The only way she can avoid the arranged marriage is by proving to her family that she's seriously involved with Derek.

When her brothers find her, she realizes her family won't give up on their choice. When she tells Derek her problem, he promises to protect her. She warns him there's bound to be a showdown between Derek and the man her family wants her to marry. It will involve proving by her family's pack-law traditions that no other man can love her like Derek can. The winner receives her hand in marriage. With the help of Jared Hunter, master seducer, can Derek prepare Kelly for every eventuality, or will he lose her?

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“Why don’t we get out of here and take a walk. You’re safe in this neighborhood.”

“Sounds great. I’d better change into some clothes, though.”

“We wouldn’t need any clothes if we shifted.” He raised his eyebrows in question.

She stared at him and then smiled. “That would be nice. I haven’t shifted in ages. What if someone sees us, though?”

“No one will notice. The people in this neighborhood drive into their garages at night and don’t come out until they drive back out the following morning. We can leave our robes over the chairs on the back patio.”

“Lead the way. I’m ready.” She jumped up from the sofa.

He stood and took her hand. “The door’s over here.” He led the way to the oversize doors between the great room and the kitchen. The doors opened onto the patio and backyard. He crossed the length of the patio into the shadows. “Leave your robe here.” After tossing hisacross the back of a lounge chair, he helped her out of her robe and draped it over the back of the chair as he indicated the gate in the rock wall.

“There’s a path along the top of the foothill we can follow.” He took her hand and escorted her through the gate, which he opened and closed behind them.

“When will we shift?” Her voice sounded eager.

“Right now if you want. No one can see us behind this wall.”

“I’m ready. You go first.”

He chuckled and grinned at her. “Ladies first. I insist.” He needed a strong emotional reaction in order to shift and figured the sight of her shifting would be just the thing.

“Okay. The moonlight is beautiful on the desert. It makes me want to run.” She took off along the path heading north, away from the neighborhood.

Derek watched, enthralled as the moon revealed her shape-shifting. She quickly morphed to a were form, the actual shape of a wolf, her hair pale silver. She stopped running, her beautiful wolf shape and shining fur revealed to him as she turned. A smile on her wolf face, darker fur outlined her pale blue eyes that gleamed in the moonlight.

She was a sight to fire any wolf’s blood. Charges of electricity swept the length of Derek as he began to morph.