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Guardian of His Soul



Guardian of His Soul -- by Claire Adele,
Out October 19, 2011 at
Siren BookStrand

Warning must be 18 years of age.

Revenge driven private investigator Juan Enriquez has vowed to catch his aunt's killer. On the rebound from a failed romance, he seeks women only for sexual pleasure. When divorced Cynthia Krystal, Rescue Mission charity worker, rescues Juan after a fight with hoodlums, heat ignites. Juan shows Cindy amazing sex play, including a threesome with his best friend, Derek Wolfson.

Derek likes sharing women with Juan, since he's sworn never to lose his heart again after the love of his life walked out when she discovered his werewolf side.

Juan, at the risk of losing his heart to Cindy, must protect her from his aunt's murderers.

Cindy's generosity has brought warmth and pleasure to Derek. Now, someone new has intrigued him and he'll be moving on.

Juan needs Cindy, his love mate. Can he keep her safe? Will she be able to accept his werewolf side and stay with him?

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4 CUPS:  "Guardian of His Soul is a beautiful love story. The characters are so genuine and created to draw the reader in. There is just enough action in the story to offset the incredible sexual encounters and emotional upheaval resulting in a book worth reading. I will be looking for future books by Claire Adele." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance


He swiped his fingers through his hair. Get a grip, Enriquez.

He needed to contact Derek and report what happened tonight with the Hawks gang.

“May I use your phone?” He twisted on the sofa as his gaze followed her.

“Oh. Sorry, I forgot. Here you go.” She grabbed a phone from the kitchen counter and crossed the room to hand it to him.

“Thanks.” Juan rose from the sofa and strode the length of the den as he pressed the keys. Derek answered. “Hey, I had some trouble with a few of the Hawks when I followed ’em. My car needs a tow. Can you call Ramon to haul it in?” Derek’s assurance took the car off Juan’s mind. “I’ll need a lift home, too.” Didn’t sound like Derek was in the mood to come get him now. “I know it’s late, but—”

“You can spend the night on my sofa, if you need to,” she offered.

He turned. Her arms and hands were full of towels and bags of ice. He couldn’t help smiling at the sight. She looked like she meant business. “Sounds like a plan. Hey, Derek, give me a lift in the morning, okay? Yeah, the address is…” He looked at her.

“Six, one, one, zero Mountain Laurel,” she answered.

Juan gave Derek the address and told him he’d see him in the morning.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I gave you my name. Juan Enriquez.”

“I’m Cynthia Krystal.” She grinned at him, and her face lit up as her eyes sparkled.

“Good to meet you, Cynthia.”

“I’m happy to meet you, too,” she said. “I couldn’t help hearing you say that you were following the Hawks. Are they the guys who attacked you with such viciousness?”

“Yeah,” he answered, softly. “I’m a private investigator along with my business partners, Derek and Mike Wolfson. We’ve been investigating the illegal activities of the Hawks’ gang for a while. We’re hoping to find evidence that will put them in prison. They’re a ruthless gang of criminals.”

“Oh,” she said, her eyes wide. “What’s the name of your business?”