Northern and Souther Belles


Northern Roses and Southern Belles Anthology
Are You Going to the Dance --Out now from The Wild Rose Press


Strong-willed Lexie Perreau must protect her lifelong friends, the Lipan Apache, from being wrongly arrested for a deadly raid.

Clay has led the local militia in times of war and peace and kept his community safe. But someone has just been killed by raiders. Now he must find the killer and agrees with the men in town that he must catch the Apache raiders responsible.

But beautiful and courageous Lexie challenges him at every turn, endangering her own life and possibly the trust and respect of the one man who holds her heart.

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"Mind if I cut in?" Clay smiled at her.

"Yeah, I do mind." Al looked plainly disgruntled.

"Too bad." Clay pushed Al back, slipping between him and Lexie, taking control.

As Clay's gentle hand swept around her waist, and his other hand took hers, she breathed a sigh of relief. Relaxing in his embrace, she smiled at him as he swept her into a turn, following the music.

"I didn't know if you'd make it," she admitted.

"Sorry, I was late. I wouldn't miss the dance knowing you'd be here."

At his words, Lexie looked up at his eyes. His warm gaze sent heat and that disconcerting ache streaming through her to settle low in her stomach. Oh Lord. She hoped no one noticed how he affected her. He easily led her around the room, turning her in time to the waltz until she was almost dizzy. When the music stopped, he released her from his hold and escorted her to the refreshment table.

They drank glasses of punch and afterward shared a breathtaking polka. As the dance ended and people clapped and whooped, Lexie noticed Clay's attention was drawn to the entry. She turned to see what he looked at and saw with disappointment that one of the younger militiamen stood inside the doorway gesturing for Clay to follow him.

"Looks like I'm needed for something. Hate to leave so early, but I'd better check this out." Clay turned to leave.

"No. I'll go with you." Obviously, there was trouble. What kind of danger did he face? She hurried after him as he made his way through the crowd and out the door to the road.