Seduction -- Out now!

January, 2006, featured in Romantic
Times Book Club Magazine

In SEDUCTION, the most successful bachelor in Arizona and a touring vocalist learn to let go of the past to embrace the future.

On stage, Belinda Rose is a confident vocalist who entertains with songs which enthrall her audiences. Alone, she longs for a secure home and her own opera house where she can entertain or book others to perform. She carries with her the painful memories of her past in Texas, but won't be denied her future. Can a handsome businessman derail her plans?

Cole MacPherson has become a wealthy entrepreneur in spite of his loveless childhood. Believing he doesn't know how to love, he seeks power instead. What a shock when a beautiful singer knocks him for a loop.

Is there hope for him -- could he learn to love after all?

Does he dare? 

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He supported her with his knees and checked the reddened trail of skin down her thigh. The feel of her silky flesh beneath his hand tightened his desire. He couldn't resist brushing his lips over the velvet of her cheek. She kept her eyes closed tightly.

"Almost through." He gently ran his hand over the damaged skin of her leg and side to feel for sand and grit. She shuddered and squeezed her arms around his neck tighter, burying her face against. him.

It was almost more than Cole could take. He inhaled sharply, tensing. The damaged skin felt clean. He slipped his arm beneath her knees and carried her out of the water, walked to the edgeof the pool, and lowered her gently to the cave floor. She shivered.

"Let's dry you off." He reached for her petticoat. First he gently patted the wounds with the petticoat, then he briskly toweled over the rest of her. Still she shook.

"Here, take off these wet clothes and put on your dry ones."

"All right." With a tremor in her voice, she turned her back to him.

Thankful she didn't protest, he helped her out of her remaining clothes. Ignoring temptation, he helped her finish drying, shook out her skirt and blouse and helped her put them on.

She turned her back again, clutching her blouse to her chest. His hands shook as he managed the buttons and fastened her skirt. The aching desire she aroused in him increased unbearably. When she sat down to rest, he looked away.


The rich colors of the desert are among those aspects I love about the Southwest. The mountains are another. In the southern part of Arizona, the mountain ranges appear dark blue from a distance. Rainwater trickles through crevices and forms underground springs and rivers. The steady flow carves tunnels and caves before the sparkling stream enters a river or disappears deep beneath the sand to form cool wells at the mountain's base.

SEDUCTION takes place against the backdrop of the Arizona desert, in a fictitious old west town between the mountains and the San Pedro River.



Finalist American Title II contest

Finalist Southern Heat Contest

Moonlight Guard

2006 - 2nd place paranormal - Haunted Hearts Contest

2007 - Finalist paranormal - Dixie First Chapter Contest